.Comrades from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava express their solidarity with the Gilets Jaunes in France

To the Gilet Jaunes, to those who demonstrate, who are on the barricades and are blocking the streets, who occupy their schools, who are on strike and who organize themselves

We greet you as the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, the western part of Kurdistan, in northern Syria

With great attention, we have been following the peoples’ revolt in France over the past weeks. We are impressed by the determination of the protesters as well as by the level of the repression from police and state. We send our solidarity to everyone who is confronted with the direct and indirect violence of the state. Because of your actions, the insurrection of the Gilets Jaunes has gained fame even here in northern Syria, where — at a time when the Turkish state is again threatening us with war — everyone is hoping for inspiring changes

France has a long history of resistance and civil uprisings, which we shouldn’t reduce just to the French revolution and Mai ’۶۸. The history of resistance also includes the rural revolts in the Middle Ages, all the local, regional and independent resistance struggles against the colonization of the state, the labor movements, the fights of migrant workers, the proletarian districts and centuries of women’s struggle against the patriarchal system




نظر (به‌وسیله فیس‌بوک)