In the past 37 years the Islamic regime in Iran has been targeting every aspect of women life and has imposed many misogynist laws and policies. In the last 37 years, millions of women and young girls have been arrested for not obeying the Hijab law in Iran

It was 37 years ago on 8th of March 1979,  when women in Iran came on the street in millions to stand up against  compulsory dress code Hijab and to stand up for their rights, the rights that the Islamic regime was adamant to take them away. Millions of women shouted

“We made a revolution to go forward, not to go backwards”. Since that day, women in Iran have not stopped fighting for their rights, and the Islamic regime has not stopped attacking them and their way of life in every possible way. Regime attacks women’s rights activists, including journalists who write about the lack of women’s rights in Iran, but these attacks have not suppressed women in their struggle for equality

There are hundreds of women who have been imprisoned, tortured, raped and some executed during the last 37 years but these pressures have not stopped their fight for equal rights

There are tens of women political prisoners who are currently kept in prison; some of them along with their young children, but their names or stories have not been heard. Why

It is because the international community and the governments have closed their eyes on these crimes committed by the Islamic regime in Iran.  The governments and the European Union are too busy making deals with Rouhani and his regime and have no interest in pressurising the Islamic regime to free political prisoners in Iran.

Lets put our forces together to demand the release of women political prisoners in Iran. Join us on the International Women’s Day and be the voice of 12792259_1077021629022056_8857346526417019695_owomen political prisoners in Iran




نظر (به‌وسیله فیس‌بوک)