Hi dear Edward.

Let me deliver to you a very happy news at the very beginning of this letter. Vibrations of shared mentalities are searching for each other. Let me guess. You have put away the letter for a while, and you have gone to the kitchen to grind your coffee, yet I’ll wait here until you make your coffee. I am listening to a short piece “Songs Without Words” by Mendelssohn. I believe Mendelssohn has experienced a unique honesty and innocence throughout these pieces. You can easily consider them beautiful!

O’ I know how you are also tired of these repetitive and pitiful announcements regarding the death of concepts like art, human beings, or the idea of piousness from Post-Modernists and Contemporary theorists!

No, the Post-Orientalism situation is not going to sell the dream of happiness or luck dear Edward. 


We know very well that we have derived from within or center of the gap of the localized-temporalized situations of the war of powerful forces of hegemony from ‘Politics-Police’ and ‘Politics-Government’, in a movement of a horrendous situation.

Post-Orientalism situation is fluid and chained together, it has derived from a gap inside the situation, and we know very well that ‘cultural-metastasis’ has reached the little toe of the left foot.

We are declaring a critical situation with the loudest and most-harsh outcries possible. But we don’t confirm the news of death. Post-Oriental situations breathe, even very difficult! Even if broken, with difficulty! But it has life! And it’s resisting for survival.

I think your coffee may be ready by now dear Edward, also the hopeful news that I delivered to you.

Vibrations of shared mentalities have found a beautiful harmony. I have never ever heard this ‘chord’; with delicate and intelligent transitions.

Dear Edward, I want to invite you to an exhibition by a great artist from Italy, and the city of Rome, his name is Daniel-Jan Samborska.

Edward, “Art Work’ has possessed new and super important definitions in the ‘Politic-Aesthetic’ after the emergence of visual arts and digital arts.

Creating beautiful discordants which may not be supposed for using with the canvas prior to that.

Dear Edward, these discordants in the Post-Orientalism situation are similar to consistent clues which can help connect the most inconsistent sound blocks together, all without the need for a compulsive and unique uniform, without the need for supervision and intervention of a head manager in person.

‘Daniel’ the respectable Italian artist, has painted this steady body in the visage of an innocent girl. You will be affected by the bold stature of that pious girl after watching this image. Extensions of the shadows of the liberating hands of the girls whom we don’t know about the name also exist a deep awareness.

Dear Edward, I will also send you three works by Daniel in this letter,

Your small friend,

Ehsan Saboohi,

April 3rd, 2023.


Translated and edited by Soheil Soheili.



نظر (به‌وسیله فیس‌بوک)