Mostafa Hatamian was born on August 8, 1984 in Bandar Lengeh, Hormozgan, IRAN and started his professional career in 2008. His collection includes more than 32 songs in 3 albums, 10 singles and 7 videos.

Mostafa Hatamian

He officially entered the field of singing in 2008 and released albums called Entezar, Barzakh, Taghdir and several other singles.

He became famous in 2010 by singing the song Taghdir with Marjan Kandi.

Mostafa Hatamian

His first song released in 2008 was Pasoor and his last song in 2014 was “Eshtebah Az Man Bood” with Samira Naghshbandi.

Mostafa Hatamian

Mostafa Hatamian has given an interview to Radio Farda in the program Negah Tazeh, which was broadcast on Radio Farda and can be viewed on Radio Farda’s website.

Mostafa Hatamian was one of the first people to release his music videos with his Mrs (Marjan Kandi) in a country like Iran, where this is illegal, and this incident led to a ban on his activities and he was away from artistic activities for years.

Mostafa Hatamian

He worked in the field of music for many years and his songs were very popular and he soon became famous.

We recently learned that he is going to release a song soon, which will undoubtedly resume its activities this time according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, so that he can hold a concert in this country.


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