Fully Automated Luxury Communism
A Manifesto
by Aaron Bastani

آرون باستانی بنیانگذار و سردبیر ارشد “نوارا مدیا” است و دارای مدرک دکترا از دانشگاه لندن. زمینه های تحقیق وی شامل رسانه های جدید ، جنبش های اجتماعی و اقتصاد سیاسی می باشد.
مقالات وی در نشریه های “وایس”, گاردین ، ​​نقد کتاب لندن و نیویورک تایمز منتشر شده است, او همچنین به عنوان مفسر در برنامه های BBC و Sky News ظاهر می شود.


A different kind of politics for a new kind of society—beyond work, scarcity and capitalism

In the twenty-first century, new technologies should liberate us from work. Automation, rather than undermining an economy built on full employment, is instead the path to a world of liberty, luxury and happiness—for everyone. Technological advance will reduce the value of commodities—food, healthcare and housing—towards zero.

Improvements in renewable energies will make fossil fuels a thing of the past. Asteroids will be mined for essential minerals. Genetic editing and synthetic biology will prolong life, virtually eliminate disease and provide meat without animals. New horizons beckon.

In Fully Automated Luxury Communism, Aaron Bastani conjures a vision of extraordinary hope, showing how we move to energy abundance, feed a world of 9 billion, overcome work, transcend the limits of biology, and establish meaningful freedom for everyone. Rather than a final destination, such a society merely heralds the real beginning of history.


نظر (به‌وسیله فیس‌بوک)