Hackers always try to log in with others, which is only possible by entering a password.

Some of these hackers may be criminals, others may be competitors targeting the individual or his work.

Hackers use computer programs to find passwords. These programs are able to guess a huge amount of password combinations. That’s why you have to have strong coding. A strong password is a long password that has more than 4 letters. It should also include numbers and symbols. The longer the password, the harder it is to guess for the program.

Advice on passwords:

  • Check if your account has been hacked with the help of https://haveibeenpwned.com/ . If your account has been hacked, you should change the password immediately. By registering on this site, you will be notified if you see any future attacks.
  • Websites store your information. When one of these sites is attacked, your information will also be compromised. For example, LinkedIn and Dropbox sites were hacked and their information such as emails and passwords were stolen. Therefore, you should not use duplicate passwords. If one of your accounts has been hacked, hackers may also attack other accounts with that password.
  • Do not use personal information and famous phrases or songs in passwords. As easy as it is for you to remember, it will be easy for hackers to find.
  • Make long passwords or in other words a password.
  • The browser you use lets you store passwords. This will make it easier for you to access your accounts, but it can also be accessed if someone has access to your computer.


Build a strong password

Taking the time to create long, strong passwords is a must.

There are many ways to create a password, here are some of these. Neither of these are official and are 2% anti-hacking, so you should choose the one that is best for you.

  1. Dice Method

This way, you can create almost irrelevant passwords. We use 4 dice to do this and we select a letter from a list with the digits we have obtained. The more letters you choose, the stronger the password.

  1. Method of person, accident, means

This way you will create passwords that can be remembered. In this way, we consider a person, an event and a place even a few things like: Eminem, singing, Chicago, after these words we make one sentence that can be used as a password such as: Eminem is singing in Chicago

Password management programs

It is also a good idea to use password management programs. These programs have the ability to generate and store high-power passwords. You will not need to memorize these passwords as the app will automatically write the password when logging in. But you have to choose a very strong and long password to enter the program. Remember this password, because without it you will no longer be able to log in and you will lose access to all your accounts.

Here is a list of some common password management programs. Before selecting an app, research it to make sure it meets your needs.

  • Lastpass
  • ۱password
  • Common key


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